The FabMaster System:
Technology, Reliability, Quality
"GM revolutionized the
hand-fabrication of fiber glass!

Copied, but still the best
system anywhere!

GM brought hand-fabrication of
duct board out of the stone age!"

These are just a few of the industry's comments about our complete "no-marking, no-add-ons" tool kit for hand grooving fiber glass duct board:

Hand-grooving fiber glass duct board used to be an inexact and tediously inefficient process, at best. Glass Master, the company that has for years produced the vast majority of the industry's fiber glass duct fabrication machines, put the company's engineering know-how to work in developing a manual system of hand fabrication that works.

The FabMaster system incorporates many of the same design features that Glass Master has perfected for use in its high-volume production grooving machines. This allows the contractor to efficiently produce more reliable and consistent duct sections, by hand.

The FabMaster system dramatically reduces time spent in measuring and locating where to cut. And its "no-marking, no-add-ons" design with easy-to-read, pre-numbered tools substantially reduces the opportunity for error inherent in conventional manual met hods.

This system does not take the place of Glass Master's much faster, automated duct fabrication equipment. It is, however, a very valuable tool for every contractor doing any fiber glass duct fabrication, either in new construction or repair of existing systems.

Standard Features
All cutting tools are designed to produce the same consistent precision-cut grooves that have always been provided by Glass Master's high volume cutting machines. The cutting blades are constructed of high quality spring steel, sharpened to a high perfor mance edge. Heat treated for incredibly long life, the GM tool blades hold their edge far longer than conventional tools. As an added feature, all Glass Master blades are coated with a corrosion-resistant surface, and are easily changed or adjusted usin g only a screw-driver to release and tighten the locking mechanism.

An easy to follow, step-by-step guide to using the FabMaster system is included with every kit.

Constructed of lightweight anodized aluminum, the FabMaster tools are ergonomically designed to have an extremely comfortable hand fit. The tools' large sledding area facilitates a smooth, precision cut. And since you won't need to apply heavy pressure to push the FabMaster tools through the duct board, you can groove far more duct before tiring or affecting groove consistency and quality.

The FabMaster Square indicates precise cutting locations, then doubles as a straight-edge cutting guide for the FabMaster tools. As an added feature, the Square adjusts quickly and easily to cut along not only 90 degree angles, but also 75, 67.5, 60 and 45 degrees, locking in place in each position. And, it's fully reversible for left-handed operation.

Everything about this Square shows engineered quality, from the heavy, anodized aluminum construction to the knurled knob, easy-grip angle positioning screw supplied with retaining wire to prevent loss. And the Square folds up quickly into a single 48" l ong section for easy storage.

A Critical Feature:
No Marking or Scribing

With the FabMaster system there is no marking or scribing required for any cut - a big time and scrap saver. Simply reposition the Square's index along the edge of the last cut, and you're in position for the next one. No add-on or compensating measurem ents for groove width.

Optional Features:

Optional #6 tool may be used to cut both male and female shiplaps simultaneously. This is extremely helpful when shortening duct section length, installing endcaps or making stronger, more precise offsets.

Many other versatile Glass Master accessory tools such as the Cuts-All, Peeler Knife and Round Hole Cutter can also be added to the set.

A super-strength carrying case is available to protect the FabMaster system components, including the specially designed hand cutting tools and the FabMaster Square. Call Glass Master for further information.

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